Frozen Purple Cow: Episode 9: Holy Cow, Go eat a Turkey

Tuesday 22nd, November 2011 / 23:35

Yo, this Thursday is Thanksgiving- probably a bull’s favorite holiday because it is no longer the focus of dinner. Now, the turkeys will turn heads, and the farmers will give one more last ditch effort to fatten them to perfection. Actually, it’s probably too late as they are already shipped, chopped, frozen, and traveling to your nearest grocery store unless you are into local food and on the day of, travel to the farm and get a bird straight off the chopping block. Every Thanksgiving, I watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Maybe someday they will get the idea of having a cow parade. Think of all the mooing and distractions. Anyway, pandemonium would likely ensue. Maybe it would be easier to stay at home, kick up those boots and listen to this week’s installment of FPC. Enjoy! (as mocha boy says…) these one-word titled songs.

Keep Slurpin’ Suckas!


  1. Crush, David Archuleta
  2. Crawl, Chris Brown
  3. Heartless, Kris Allen
  4. Holiday, Hilary Duff
  5. Complicated, Avril Lavigne
  6. Human, Darren Criss
  7. Fireflies, Owl City
  8. Here- HelloGoodbye
  9. Truth- Alexander
  10. Cheated- Mike Posner
  11. Together- Avril Lavigne


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