Blind Pilot Concert Review

Sunday 12th, February 2012 / 12:45
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Blind Pilot at the Haunt 2/11

Having been a Blind Pilot fan since high school, I leapt on the chance to finally see them live on the eve of the release of their sophomore album, We Are the Tide. I was not disappointed.

The opener, The Barr Brothers, immediately got the crowd cheering for them as if they had been fans of the band for years. It wasn’t only the folk inspired music they played that won the crowd over, but also the instruments they used, ranging from something as normal as a harp to having twine attached to a guitar and pulling it to create a new sound. The crowd was enthralled at every new invention before them. The Barr Brothers even brought out a waterphone that at times sounded like a monkey, and used an iron cylinder as another drum. It was all so new to the crowd that I imagine everyone walked out promising themselves to buy their album.

When Blind Pilot launched into their set, the crowd was so energized and ready, and when the second song, “Two Towns From Me” came on, everyone roared with recognition at an old favorite. I don’t think a trumpet has ever gotten that much of a cheer. The band managed to create a perfect balance between songs from their new and old albums. What’s more never lost the crowd, as can sometimes happen with new songs, but actually taking them on the ride with them. I found often found myself singing along to songs I didn’t even know and watching everyone feel the same.

Though the crowd loved the entire set, the highlight came at the end, when Israel Nebeker, Blind Pilot’s lead singer, came back for a couple of songs. He then announced that the crowd was finally going to hear “3 Rounds and a Sound,” a song that had been cheered for the entire night. The band decided to do this song without being plugged into the stereo system, and we were blessed enough to hear it. As the lead singer sang the words, the crowd softly whispered them at the same time, as if we couldn’t contain ourselves.

If you couldn’t tell, you should probably go get every single song the bands have made, and I promise his voice is as angelic as you would hope.

Special Thanks to: Rachel Whiteheart and Hanna Wintz for being my dates!

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